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Daniel DeMonta is an interdimensional artist born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Since adolescence he has acquired an aptitude for a variety of musical instruments and an Olympian art of motion. Evolving in his youth, he has unraveled a plethora of visual art disciplines and transformed his voice box into an orator’s vibration. Daniel has dabbled in oil canvas masterpieces, profound sketches, and digital pictorials.


My Story

Daniel’s ethnicity is Jamaican, and his heritage is of Zulu, Maroon and Ashanti tribe. These cultural roots inspire his art to be a reflection from his bloodline to his current everyday life experiences. He has a zestful vigor for his community and the social engagements of his environment. He aspires for each of his art forms to be an inspiration to his community to be united through liberation and indigenous futurism.

He has blended his passions for music, art and poetry in many facets creating a stimulating art experience for all human senses. His work has been seen, heard and felt in Orlando’s museums, schools, downtown, city halls, and stretched across walls.


This is Daniel DeMonta.


We are CLTR Direct. 

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